Big Climb Seattle

Today I participated in a brilliant event. It was called the “Big Climb” and took place in the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle. The race was up 69 flights of stairs, 1311 steps,788 ft vertical elevation. I say that this was a brilliant event, because the goal was to raise money to fund research related to Leukemia and other rare forms of cancer. As far as races go, I’m pretty sure this one had pretty low overhead. No shutting down streets and re-directing traffic. I’m pretty sure the stairwells weren’t going to be used by anyone else this weekend. The race was very short, so they didn’t need many volunteer staff to run aid stations, etc. All of this will allow a very large percentage of the funds raised to go directly to the research.

Now, as far as the experience as a racer, I can’t say that this was the most scenic or enjoyable race I have ever run. The stairwell was crowded, hot and stinky. It was very difficult to pass people in the narrow stairwells. And once you got to the top, instead of fresh air you got more stuffy under-ventilated canned air. But I’m pretty sure that running this race is nowhere near as difficult as having cancer, so maybe the suffering helps you appreciate the pain others go through more.

I was part of a great team, Team Ezra, in honor of my friend’s son who died a few years ago of Leukemia. Take a minute to watch this video about him that his dad made.

Ezra’s twin brother, Milo, was determined to beat me up the stairs. He had a good fast start, but unfortunately didn’t pace himself well enough, and go tired halfway up, so I was able to pass him. Better luck next year, Milo!

The fundraising effort is still ongoing, and out team is currently in 5th place! I however, haven’t raised as much money as I would have liked. If you made it this far in reading this entry, please follow this link to donate as little as $5 to help find a cure for leukemia. Every dollar counts. Thanks in advance.

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