Orcas Island 50k – A Race in Paradise

Finish time: 5:42:32

Position: Overall: 20th Mens: 15th

If I wasn’t already convinced that ultrarunning is the greatest sport on earth, this last weekend tipped the scales. Combine beautiful soft trails with clear blue skies, amazing scenery and good friends, and I’m hooked.

This was my second running of the Orcas 50k, and both times have offered an incredible experience. The main difference for me this year was that I was anticipating those wicked hills. Last year I trained mostly on roads leading up to the race, and my hill legs were jello by the end. This year I trained smarter and it paid off. I also nailed the nutrition. My game plan consisted of a GU every half hour, salt pill every hour and a bottle of water every hour. Then as much food as I could stomach at the aid stations. This played out very well as I had no nausea or cramping. This is a big contrast to the previous ultras I’ve run. This was the first time where I felt energized and strong the entire race. Very encouraging.

I think that one thing I like best about these races is that they provide such a contrast to the rest of my life. Being a father of three and having a demanding job usually requires that I am always thinking about several things at once. When I get out there to run, I have one task: keep moving forward. This is all that I have to think about until I finish. It’s very therapeutic.

This year I was joined by two good friends and their families: John Maytum and Josh Heckathorn. Unfortunately John got sick the day before the race and should have just stayed in bed Saturday morning. He ran for a while but eventually had to admit that he was whooped. Josh finished in 6:16, which was a stellar finish for his first ultra. We had lied and told him this would be a good first ultra to ease into the sport.

Jenni had the camera with her throughout the day and captured some of the beauty on film. Enjoy.

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8 Responses to Orcas Island 50k – A Race in Paradise

  1. Jim and Char says:

    Danny, you look so great in every picture, there’s no way to tell if you’re at the beginning or end of the race. Way to go, this is very impressive!!!!

  2. Awesome pics…congrats on the top 20 finish! And I trudged in at 6:16:21 to be exact. Hey, every minute counts 🙂

  3. sarah says:

    Those pictures are gorgeous! It makes me think that even I could do a 50k running through that. Well, take off a zero. Perhaps a 5k. Well done, danny.

  4. John Maytum says:

    Awesome Pics. Wish I could’ve made it up to the top of Constitution. Was the climb not difficult enough for you? I saw that you decided to carry your kids up there. Ha! Congrats to both you and Josh. Bring on White River.

  5. Karl Jarvis says:

    That looks amazing! What a great place to have a 50k. Nice work, thanks for posting!

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