Well, I am several weeks into the run-commute and so far I think it’s brilliant. Whereas before I was taking a half-hour each way to commute to work plus an hour and a half to run during lunch, now I can take an hour total for run + commute. And I am able to get 6 miles a day minimum with a substantial hill climb, versus 5 miles a day on flat terrain. My plan is to increase the distance of these commuting runs as my training needs demand. Speaking of, my training needs really should be demanding that increase soon. I am almost two months away from the Orcas Island 50k. I was quite humbled by the toughness of that race last year, and would like to be a little more prepared this year.

I am still trying to work out the details of my racing schedule for the coming year. Other than the 50k in Feb, I have registered for the Seattle Rock n Roll in June. Several friends from my office will be doing it, and I figure I need to try to break this annoying three hour barrier sooner than later. I’m only getting older, you know. I hope to find a good race late in the summer to push beyond the 50 mile mark. Don’t yet know what that will be.

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2 Responses to Run-Commute

  1. Micah E. says:

    I’m planning on the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll too! My sister and her family live in Seattle, so I thought I’d head out for a visit and run. Hope to see you there!

  2. dancurrit says:

    Cool man! See you on the roads! Hope they come up with a better course this year. The previous one was terrible.

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